About us and The Cruck

How Cruck Tent began

At our sister company Abbas Marquees, we’ve spent years designing and building bespoke structures for our clients. This includes props, lighting and furniture, and putting together event interiors that turn heads.

It seemed a shame to fit these lovingly-made creations into run-of-the-mill marquees sourced from elsewhere. So, after feeling dissatisfied one-too-many times, we decided to take matters into our own hands.

Rolling up our sleeves, we began to design, then manufacture our own unique structures, for a top-quality service all the way round.

It was then, that Cruck Tent was born.

The history of the cruck

The Cruck or ‘Crook’ barn was a staple structure back in medieval England. Its unique design consists of two beams or blades leaning inwards, fixed with a cross or tie beam securing the framework.

Inspired by the original structure, we have created a modernised version here at Cruck Tent.

And, whilst the new design stays true to its historic roots, it is much safer and more weather resilient than its medieval ancestor. Plus, it has been carefully engineered for easy installation and is simple to move, suiting temporary occasions perfectly.

Technical info

Our cruck tents stand proud at 7m high and 16m wide. In terms of length, they start at 12m long. But, this can be increased by 3m at a time – to match the size that suits your guest numbers, interior requirements and location.

Our timbers are ethically sourced and made from FSC Douglas Fir. Graded from C18 to C24, they have strength and durability to rely on. And, with connection plates and steels manufactured using CNC and laser cutting, installation and removal is a breeze.

Covered with a textured fabric subtly coated in water-resistant PVC, these structures have the look and feel of traditional canvas, whilst being weather resistant. Engineered to British standards, they’ve been tested to withstand 70mph winds, just in case!

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